FAQs – Frequently asked Questions

What are the Prices?

Price of a project or homework depends on the requirements itself. Do send me your assignment details and I will give you a custom price quote based on the complexity, deadline and no of man hours it will take for the development of your project. Prices start from $50 for the basic programs and goes upto tens of thousands of dollars for Huge development tasks.

How to Pay?

You have to pay 50 percent advance and remaining 50 percent on project completion.

However most of our returning clients choose to pay whole amount in single transaction.

Payments or to be made securely via PayPal. We will send a PayPal invoice to your email which you can pay with PayPal account or any of the credit / debit cards.

What about Plagiarism?

Projects, we develop are 100 percent plagiarism free.

Why should I trust you?

You can blindly trust us because

  • You are in the direct contact of programmer and developer. We will develop or supervise all your projects ourself.
  • There is no intermediaries or formalities here. Once we establish the initial contact you can request a call or discuss it on chat/ email in the real time.
  • We have been in this niche for 6 years now with 1000s of satisfied clients. We are always in top rankings because people trust us.

Can you guarantee safety of my data and anonymity?

All the communications and website is secured and encrypted by SSL 256 Bit encryption. We will never share your personal details with anyone or post your projects and files anywhere on the web.

What about refunds?

Yes, we will refund your project fee in below cases

  • If we are unable to deliver your project before deadline
  • and/or If we deliver incorrect or partial solution to your problems

But to refund or not to refund is completely at our discretion. We will refund based on the facts and evidences and you can not involve any third party or payment processors like payoneer  or paypal doing so will disqualify you from getting any refunds you can read terms & conditions for more details on that.

What about Disputes or Complaints?

Going with the past records we have delivered 98% successfully with positive feedback without any disputed & complaints. But there is no denying fact that shit does happen so we have a unbiased mechanism to deal with such things.

You can email us at hi@geeksprogramming.com where admin will directly handle your query and will provide a timely resolution.

If there are any other questions you can ask us directly in contact form, email or chat.