Use Frameworks over Core PHP – 7 Popular Frameworks

What is Framework?

A FRAMEWORK is the combination of two words, i.e., FRAME and WORK. The word FRAME has been designed and developer has to WORK on that FRAME to meet project requirements. It’s just a tool, which helps a developer to code better and clearly.

Nowadays, PHP frameworks are being used by programmers to address the performance issues faster and easy. They offer extensible architecture that make code easier by providing standard templates and plug-ins. Some frameworks commonly used are Laravel, Codeigniter , Cake PHP, Zend , Yii, Symfony, Phalcon etc.

In computer language, PHP Framework is a software platform to develop software applications. In other words, Frameworks is a  project library collection, a piece of software, which provides web developers with code base and standardized ways of creating web applications. From my perspective, PHP frameworks does :

  • Framework makes easier to work with complex code.
  • It ties together discrete components into something more useful objects.
  • Forces the team to implement code in a way that promotes standardized coding, less bugs and more flexible application.
  • It can easily test and debug the code.

Advantages of PHP Frameworks over Core PHP

  • PHP Frameworks support all database connections like SQL, My SQL, Oracle.
  • It follows MVC (Model View Controller) architecture.
  • It will make your code lightweight, sharp and secure.
  • Efficiency can be increased using PHP Frameworks.
  • Using PHP Frameworks speed up the development process by creating functionality automatically like CRUD operations.
  • As MVC is used, the code gets optimized; hence will run faster.
  • PHP Frameworks have inbuilt Library; hence coding gets lighter as compared to the core way of PHP coding.
  • The same Code can be used in different projects with some modification ; hence code recycling is one of the important feature provided by the PHP frameworks.
  • It provides functions for handling database connections, emails, editing strings, date/time format etc.
  • PHP frameworks have their own specific debugging tools.

Why to use Frameworks in PHP

The general idea behind the workings with PHP framework is referred to as Model View Controller (MVC). MVC is an architectural pattern in programming language that isolates business logic from the UI, allowing one to be modified separately from the other. In other words MVC, Model define to data, View define to the presentation layer, and Controller to the application. Basically, MVC helps in the development process of an application. The top reasons why developers use PHP frameworks and how these frameworks can enhance your development process. Below are the various reasons to use the Frameworks in PHP:

  • Code and file organization is extremely easy to use
  • Countless numbers of tools and libraries help you with:
    •     Form validation
    •     Database connection
    •     Input/Output filtering
    •     Session and Cookies handling
    •     Email, Calender, Date/ Time format and pagination
  • MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture
  • Security – PHP has many input and output filtering functions which protect website against certain attack
  • PHP frameworks have great active community support. With Frameworks you can find the accurate solution of any query quickly

Most Popular PHP Frameworks

1.    Laravel

Laravel is a new brilliant web appplication framework (released in 2011)  that’s equipped with lots of interesting features including RESTful routing, native PHP  and many more. It is the most popular framework among developers. Laravel has expressive, elegant syntax that facilitates you need to do, such as authentication, sessions, queueing, caching and any more.

Laravel can be used for large enterprise level applications. It is suited to all types and sizes of projects. It provides, a solid foundation of well-tested and reliable code. Laravel also works with MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, and SQLite.

Most Popular PHP Frameworks - Laravel

Exclusive Features

  • RESTful routing that manages the client/server routes and connects resources smoothly.
  • Inherent Database control.
  • A lightweight Blade Templating Engine which is induced by inheritance of files having .blade.php extension. It comes under the View part of the MVC pattern of Laravel.
  • Uses Composer which is an amazing tool that lets you manage all your third party packages application’s
  • Laravel provides you accessible, powerful tools needed to build and a large robust applications using with control container, migration system and support integrated unit testing.
  • It is designed to offer incredible flexible features to developers that help them to create from small sites to huge enterprise applications.

2.    CodeIgniter

If you’re a web developer who’s required a simple, yet an elegant toolkit to built fully feature and impressive web applications, then Codeigniter is the best framework for you. Codeigniter comes with clear documentation with some interesting features of the PHP framework with nearly zero configuration, no complex application requirments, rich set of libraries, compatible with standard hosting, no restrictive coding rules and many more.

Exclusive Features

  • Brilliant framework for Beginners with simply great and easier to learn.
  • It’s exceptionally fast, as its core system only requires a few small libraries.
  • High performance and large compatibility with standard hosting.
  • Zero configuration required to let the task easier for you.
  • Uses MVC approach, allows great separation between logic and presentation.
  • particularly useful for projects in which designers working on template files.

3. CakePHP

CakePHP comes with remarkable features including enhanced components and helpers, improved session management, improved conventions consistency, ORM improvements and many more. It allows you to create more standalone libraries in addition to reducing coupling and composer that helped in improving the interoperability.

Most Popular PHP Frameworks - CakePHP

Exclusive Features

  • Using code generation feature; it enables you to build web applications process faster.
  • No complicated file configurations needed to set up databases.
  • Suited for commercial applications.
  • Built in features as translations, database access, caching and many more.
  • It comes packaged with clean MVC conventions, to developing your applications process.
  • This framework can handle every aspect of your application.
  • It provides a basic MVC structure to keep your entire application consistent and logical.
  • Provides built-in tools for validation and protection against SQL injection to keep your application safe and secure.

4. Zend

It is one of the most popular PHP Frameworks with open source for developing high performing web applications using object oriented code. Zend Framework is also called a component library, because it has many loosely coupled components that you can use more or less independently secure coding tools which allow you to execute web app development projects. It comes with most interesting features include modularity, extensibility and active community.

Its a collection of classes, by just loading the components you need, can take advantage of the components, instead of the framework as a whole. It provide easily extensible, adapting to your needs to use building blocks easily with other applications or frameworks.

Most Popular PHP Frameworks - ZEND

Exclusive Features

  • Offers the most efficiently API-centric applications that deploy amazingly fast.
  • Inherent excellent streamlining and developing process that brings software from codes to production
  • Provides Drag and Drop editor, and front-end support (like HTML, CSS and JavaScript) for your ease.
  • Online Debugging and integrated Unit testing tools to support with codes and test case report.
  • Free of predefined restraints to implement the framework and components in the way you need.

5.  Yii

Yii is PHP framework with high performance which has powerful caching support and it is designed to work efficiently and effectively with AJAX. Security is important that’s why Yii includes input validation, output filtering, SQL injection and Cross-site scripting prevention features. Yii also follows the MVC model, it helps you to develop clean and reusable code, ensuring a separation of logic and presentation. You can model database data in terms of objects and avoid the complexity with writing repetitive SQL statements. Yii comes with a set of validators as well as numerous widgets. It support for running various unit testing and functionality testing, along with efficient error handling, and log error messages that can be filtered. Yii is designed to work with third-party code, so you can integrate other frameworks data into your Yii powered applications.

Most Popular PHP Frameworks - yii

Exclusive Features

  • It has powerful Caching system that loads your web applications extremely fast.
  • Yii has best in security. It has input validation and output filtering to SQL injection attacks, it ensure your application is safe and secure.
  • There is a detailed documentation for everything if you get stuck anywhere. Everything is Yii clearly and systematically documented.
  • Works with 3rd party codes. It is designed in a way that you can also use codes from ZEND framework into your Yii Web Application.
  • Built in authentication support.
  • Well integrated with JQuery and Ajax enabled widgets like auto completion input field, Treeview, Data Grid etc.
  • Yii provides features of date and time formatting, number formatting, and interface localization.
  • Offers professionally reusable code that follows MVC model.
  • Integrates with both the relational and non relational databases.

6.  Symfony

Symfony is another PHP framework to speed up the creation and maintenance of your web applications. It provides a set of components that can be integrated into your application, combined with a clear methodology to help you work both efficiently and effectively on the most complex tasks. You can choose the Full Stack (complete) version if you want to develop a complex application according to the functionality you need.

Symfony is based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework. If you aren’t familiar with MVC, you just need to understand the code that separate into three parts as the logic part (called the Model), the presentation part (the View), and the request handling part (the Controller) that ensure the maintainability and reusability of code.

Most Popular PHP Frameworks - Symfony

Exclusive Features

  • It provides stablility, sustainablility and flexiblity in 1 framework that is quickly acceptable to all your requirments.
  • It provides smart URLs, code generation, caching, automated form validation and Ajax features.
  • Developing an application with symfony is slightly different than building with any other framework.
  • you can build and customize as per your own requirments.

7. Phalcon

Phalcon is a high performance full stack PHP framework based on the model–view–controller (MVC) architecture(released in 2012). It is an open-source framework that is implemented as a C extension to offer lower resource consumption and high performance. There’s no need to learn the C Language, as the functionality is exposed as PHP classes ready to use. Phalcon is basically loosely coupled, free to use the framework. Phalcon is able to save processor time and boost overall performance. Some of the most amazing features included within PHP Framework security, assets management, universal auto-loader and many more. Phalcon used for developing MVC applications as single-module, multi-module and micro applications.

Most Popular PHP Frameworks - phalcon

Exclusive Features

  • Learning is pretty easy.
  • Little overhead as compared to other PHP  frameworks.
  • Native namespaces used that can differentiate between class names or controllers.
  • Uses SQL Injections that easy-to-create software which tests end to end applications.
  • Loosely coupled that allow developers to use the complete framework or selected objects.
  • Clean intuitive API with solid code written on powerful design patterns.

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